Chapter 96. A Spaceman came travelling...

This week is probably not the TCD you were expecting. Then again every week is not the TCD I was expecting, so no reason why it should be any different for Chapter 96. Other than it's a special week. Because its album release week. So you would (and could) be forgiven for thinking it would be an AHBID special. And indeed there is AHBID news for those of you who are Patrons of the podcast - so listen out for that - but instead we had to focus on space because of a very special diary entry, about a very special meeting. And the moral of the story, is that when you decide to focus on a very special diary entry, about a very special meeting, other very special things seem to happen. Love'n'brand new bikes, h (Rick - Bandcamp) (TCD Merch Store) (Become Purple and support the show) (The Invisible Man Volume 1: 1991-1997) (The Invisible Man Volume2: 1998-2014) (Facebook) (Instagram) (Website)

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