1. Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party will sweep Punjab and Uttar Pradesh will stay firmly with the BJP, predicts poll of exit polls after voting ends for state elections that are seen to be the semi-final ahead of the 2024 national election. 2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and urges Putin to hold direct talks with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Putin assures cooperation in safe evacuation of Indian citizens from the city of Sumi in Ukraine. PM Modi also speaks to Zelensky on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 3. Energy-sensitive rupee hits a lifetime low as a sharp surge in global crude oil prices to above USD 130 threatens to push up imported inflation and widen the country's trade and current account deficits. The rupee is trading nearly 1 per cent weaker at 76.92 per dollar after touching 76.96, its weakest level ever. 4. A third round of talks between delegations from Ukraine and Russia begins. Meanwhile, media outlets of both countries report that the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine have agreed to meet in Turkey on 10 March. 5. Harjot Singh, an Indian national who sustained multiple bullet injuries in Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, lands in Delhi in an Indian Air Force flight. He has been shifted to Army's RR Hospital, Delhi for treatment.

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