CnB ft. Amit, Kavita & Antariksh | IVM's 7th Anniversary & Cyrus Says Ep. 900 ???? | A Detailed History Of IVM

We Celebrate 900 episodes today!!! Plus, IVM Podcasts completes 7 years! Plus, Happy Women's Day!

On this auspicious day, Cyrus is joined by Amit Doshi and Kavita Rajwade, along with Silverie (Antariksh), to talk about 7 years of IVM, how it all started, IVM's first office, how Cyrus and Amit met, how Amit and Kavita got the initial podcasts started at IVM, how they got funded in the beginning, and tons more. They also discuss why Cyrus never reads the questions given to him before the show, how Cyrus Says came to be, when and why the first Cock & Bull ever happened, and wonder if there will ever be a single episode of Cyrus Says that goes without having any tech issues. Tune in for this and much more.

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