The gut doctor, Dr. B | Making Peace With Your Microbiome

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To help you better understand the importance of gut health, and support your journey to better digestive function, I’ve invited Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, lovingly known as “Dr B” back on the show! 
If you missed our last discussion,  check out episode 90. It’s all about identifying weaknesses in the  gut, what habits lead to a poor microbiome, the role of pre & probiotics, and some really valuable information you can learn from your bowel movements. 
Today we’re going to expand on that discussion. The microbiome is this super organism ecosystem that is arguably the center of human health. We rely on all these microbes to keep us healthy and when they fail, we fail. Making peace with your microbiome is one of the biggest steps you  can take to  improve your health and wellbeing.   When you take care of your gut, just about everything else in your body...from your immune  system to your moods to your brain and heart health are all impacted. 
For many, it’s food sensitivities. For some, it’s irregular bowel movements. For most, it’s not understanding fiber. You get the picture. If you have gut issues and food sensitivities, and your goal is to feel better or you're just curious about exploring more plant based eating then you will want to listen up!.
Dr. B is a genius in helping you understand what’s going on in your gut. He has a new book, The Fiber Fueled Cookbook, that will put you on a healing path to restore function to your gut.  It is a step by step program to support your journey to better digestive Function.  Whether you have gut issues or want some outrageously good tasting recipes, it is all here.


Dr. B is not your ordinary doctor.  He's an award-winning gastroenterologist and an internationally recognized gut health expert. His New York Times Best-selling book, Fiber Fueled is changing lives. It’s a must-read for optimizing your microbiome and learning which foods help create a vibrant and healthy microbiome. 
Dr. B is a rockstar. When he talks, I listen. 
Understanding your gut is a gateway to revealing what’s happening in your body. Let’s get started! Welcome back, Dr. B!

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