Jurassic Minutes February 2022

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Hello and welcome to The February issue of Jurassic Minutes. 


Where we discuss recent movie, toy and franchise news for the Jurassic series. 






On this episode we will be discussing 

-The Dominion trailer,

-Mattel is still pumping out more dinosaur and human figures,

-and we got a very welcome surprise from the legacy line.

All that and more coming up in the news…


Recent Toy or Prop Purchases?

Brad - visual history, did we need it? 2x trex blow up suits

Dave - W-Dragon JP3 T. rex statue en route, prints of the Folio Society JP & TLW book inserts directly from the artist


00:07:56 Socials and the Fandom:

 Sadly it seems to be getting harder for fan sites to operate on social media, this past month we were all surprised when collect Jurassic was shut down on Twitter due to a copyright claim and shortly after pedia was hit on Facebook and the main discussion group was shut down for no apparent reason. 

 Now while collect is back up on Twitter, pedia is still closed on fb so at the moment the jurassic-pedia Facebook group and discord are the places to interact. Luckily, Pedia was able to make a new page, so like and follow! 


The Jurassic-Pedia Facebook Page can now be found here



00:10:40 Now for the news

Dominion trailer! The trailers dropped, we’ve got a good look at where dominion might be heading, we got some leaks and theories confirmed. But David, what are some scenes you’d like to discuss?

  • Original trio back. Let’s hope it’s not a forced nostalgia grab
  • All the new Dino’s look fantastic 
  • It really does seem to be more of a travel log film with many different locations. But I wonder if the bio domes are going to be a part. We see biosyn hq in both sun and snow 
  • Giga seems to be a very late appearance 
  • While trailer was meant to get everyone pumped for dominion it seems only the fans are excited. A few movie podcasts I listen to laughed at the trailer and the original trio seems to be a desperate attempt at nostalgia 

Along with the trailers release activity book, the novelisation and a heaps of other marketing materials have been released. 


00:20:28 New dominion Lego sets have been revealed, nothing really new and a must coloured blue figure



00:22:27 New Mattel toy commercial inspired directly by the old Kenner days. And Hasbro, it’s a very 80/90’s throwback.


Capture n crunch truck



Sound slashing Therizinosaurus 



Thrash n devour Trex



00:26:50 Hammond collection jp raptor and Ian Malcolm revealed.









Super colossal Giganotosaurus



00:30:45 And then something else was announced exclusively to target, two items I honestly didn’t know if we’d ever get. 

Roland tembo and the outrigger jeep from tlw. 



Fallen Kingdom repaint of the legacy brachiosaurus



New Dominion YA tie-in book focusing on Maisie and her time in hiding: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0593373138/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 


00:37:52 And lastly a remote control jeep gladiator from dominion seemly missing the biosyn decals.




Thank you for listening. 

-Anything else we'd like to bring up?

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