Weird Pet Job,Drunken Disney Fight,ICP,Old Man Toke,Jim Breuer- Ep. 89 - Funny News Comedy

Do you have a pets (ya know, dogs, cats, etc.)? If you answered yes, would you like to get paid to smell your dogs poop? A dog food company will pay you $6,000 to smell your dogs waste as they give you free dog food to test out how good their food is, which somehow the Honch connected this to wrestling. If you're looking to rake it in, the omni dog food company is willing to drop some deuce bills on you.

Honch's daughter got a vacation while the Honch and his wife were in Mexico. Now his daughter thinks that Disney is a really affordable with to see Mickey Mouse. That said, Honch uncovered the story of 2 sisters whom got completely drunk, and outside of one of the bars, they get into a full-on argument. The sisters attempted to get an Uber to get home, but it didn't quite pan out.  When they told each other to sober up, they also couldn't get a taxi; which prompted both fist throwing and vomiting. According to the police report, the two sisters stood there and punched each other like rockem sockem robots.

Honch also takes us down memory lane, where he used to ICP (Insane Clown Posse), which is somehow a transition from the Disney story.

Ultimately, we called the night off with grosser than gross statements from the Bubba. 

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