Ep 50: 7 simple ways to enjoy the holiday season this year

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The holiday season means so many things to each of us. It’s a chance to connect with loved ones, eat delicious food, and give and receive presents. It’s also a great time to unwind and reflect on the past year. I am sure you are as ready as I am for 2020 to be DONE.

However, in most years, the holiday season can be super hectic and I am sure I’m not the only one who has spent a small fortune on gifts in the past between family, friends, kids, co-workers, teachers, neighbors…and on and on. Combine that with parties, plays, travel, shopping, and planning on top of our already busy schedules and it’s no wonder this is not always the “most wonderful time of the year”.

When the holidays get out of control it doesn’t end my year on the note I was hoping for. Sound familiar?

So let’s take a minute to create the holiday season of our dreams by cutting out what doesn’t really matter to us and our families and keeping the things we love. It’s all about a Simple Holiday Season.

This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover:

- How to get to the heart of what you and your family love about the holidays

- 7 simple ways to actually enjoy this time of year

- A trick for figuring out your family’s favorite holiday celebrations

- Why water is my secret weapon during this busy time of year when it’s so easy to gain weight

- Simple gift giving ideas for everyone in the family

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