3-8 Boomer and Gio Podcast

  Hour 1:   Show opens with Boomer & Gio talking about Calvin Ridley getting suspended for betting on NFL games, including the Falcons. Gio doesn’t think the punishment of at least a year suspension fits the crime as he was not with the Falcons when he included them in a parlay. Boomer thinks because of the integrity of the game, the punishment must be severe. Jerry’s in for his first update of the day and has some NFL salary cap news. Boomer says the Aaron Rodgers deal could be tied to a percentage of the salary cap as it increases each year. The Knicks put up 83 points in the second half to beat the Kings and Jerry has sound. Jerry has sound from Russell Westbrook about how the fans reaction to him is hurting his kids. Sixers win again with James Harden. Final segment of the hour has Boomer & Gio talking about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Gio thinks he’s announcing today that he is staying in Green Bay. Boomer thinks Rodgers will take the deal. Gio looks up the salaries of the women on The View.    Hour 2:   7am kicks off with an update on the MLB lockout. They have another deadline of today or the second weeks of games could be canceled. MLB writer Jeff Passan inserts himself in the negotiations and has to apologize. If we didn’t have so many baseball fans in the listening audience, Gio would be rooting for the whole season to be canceled. Boomer had a hard time changing a lightbulb yesterday. Gio also explains his dog’s inside out vulva. Jerry returns with another update including Calvin Ridley gambling. Jerry has audio from TMZ from Antonio Brown. He wants to buy the Broncos with Kanye West. Jerry has sound from the Knicks win and a big night by Julius Randle. Randy Levine of the Yankees called in to Carton & Roberts yesterday to talk about the lockout. The final segment of the hour Gio talks about watching the ACM awards and Jordan Davis was up against Walker Hayes and neither of them won. Regarding Calvin Ridley, what if a player gets caught betting against his team?   Hour 3:   8am hour starts with Gio telling us that our makeup artist, Mindy, has offered up her Florida home for a vacation for Gio & his family and he’s not sure what to make of it. He has never thought to offer up any of his things to his friends. They also get back into the Calvin Ridley gambling situation. Jerry returns for an update with sound from the Knicks monster second half last night. Boomer is done with Julius Randle, regardless of his big game last night. Plus Doc Rivers on Ben Simmons coming back to Philly this week. Jerry has clips of Kenny Smith & Shaq talking about the price of gas in 2018. Randy Levine of the Yankees called in to Carton & Roberts yesterday to talk about the MLB lockout. The Islanders lost last night and it has not been a good year. Boomer thinks they will be sellers. Al has a very hard time listing the names of any players that ever played on the NY Rangers. Final segment of the hour has us talking about hockey players from back in the day. A caller says there’s no way to improve the Knicks since nobody wants to come here.    Hour 4: Last hour of the show starts with talk of the Knicks with the trade deadline coming and going and them doing nothing. Shlomo the Magician shows up to do some magic. He has some convoluted math thing that confuses everyone. Shlomo did a trick during the break where Gio ended up with an X on his palm, written with a sharpie marker. Jerry is back with his final update. He starts with some NFL news in regards to franchise tags. Then he’s onto the Knicks big win last night with a huge night by Julius Randle. Russell Westbrook doesn’t like how fans say bad things about him and it affects his family. Randy Levine called into Carton & Roberts to talk about the MLB lockout. The Avalanche beat the Islanders and Jerry has some play by play highlights. Final segment of the show has Boomer & Gio talking about NFL players being asked to take pay cuts while the MLB contracts are all guaranteed.

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