Shlomo the Magician Stuns the Guys!

Hour 4: Last hour of the show starts with talk of the Knicks with the trade deadline coming and going and them doing nothing. Shlomo the Magician shows up to do some magic. He has some convoluted math thing that confuses everyone. Shlomo did a trick during the break where Gio ended up with an X on his palm, written with a sharpie marker. Jerry is back with his final update. He starts with some NFL news in regards to franchise tags. Then he’s onto the Knicks big win last night with a huge night by Julius Randle. Russell Westbrook doesn’t like how fans say bad things about him and it affects his family. Randy Levine called into Carton & Roberts to talk about the MLB lockout. The Avalanche beat the Islanders and Jerry has some play by play highlights. Final segment of the show has Boomer & Gio talking about NFL players being asked to take pay cuts while the MLB contracts are all guaranteed.

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