Jon Wertheim on Sports in the Summer of 1984

Episode 344 of the "Sports Illustrated Media Podcast" hosted by Jimmy Traina features an interview with Sports Illustrated Executive Editor/Senior Writer, author and "60 Minutes" correspondent, Jon Wertheim. Wertheim has a new book out, "Glory Days: The Summer of 1984 and the 90 Days That Changed Sports and Culture Forever." During the podcast, we discussed several topics covered in the book including the animosity filled relationship between Bobby Knight and Charles Barkley, the NBA Finals between the Celtics and Lakers that saw a referee pass out because of the oppressive heat inside Boston Garden, Donald Trump destroying the USFL and much more. Wertheim also talks about David Stern and Vince McMahon recognizing the importance of cable back in 1984 and explains how Cyndi Lauper's involvement in the then-WWF led to the birth of WrestleMania. Other events from 1984 that we discussed on the podcast include the release of "Karate Kid," Michael Jackson's Victory Tour and more. Following Wertheim, we debut a new Traina Thoughts segment for the podcast as Traina shares a few topics that are on his mind. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.

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