Gas Price Hits All Time

Thanks Joe Biden! Gas is the most expensive in America that it has ever been. Another all time record for this regime of idiots, who clearly do not have any idea of how to run a country well. Some are starting to wonder if their plan is to ruin America’s economy so the commies can just take over, as misery is fodder for revolution. Biden’s response to this state of affairs is to drag us deeper into the financial war against Russia with the blocking of all Russian oil imports into the US. But Europe and China will still buy their gas, so what will this do other than make Americans poorer? Everyone who voted for this clown should feel regret, though only some do.    Please subscribe to the podcast! And get more exclusive content from Buck at Find Buck on: Twitter @BuckSexton   Facebook @BuckSexton Instagram @BuckSexton Email the Podcast: See for privacy information.

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