Shields High: The Real Dracula

The Dracula legend arguably created the most famous monster of all time, and has been an enduring character in novels and films for over 100 years. The real Dracula- Vlad III of Wallachia, was a 15th century prince on whom the fictional vampire is roughly based. A fascinating, terrifying, and sadistic figure, Vlad “Dracula” was a cunning tactician and fearless warrior, as well as a vicious killer who earned his macabre nickname “the impaler.” Vlad Dracula also inflicted a defeat on the most powerful military in the world – the Ottoman Empire- that may have prevented it from invading the heart of Europe. This podcast is history you need to know, as the “Real Dracula” is a legend without the mythical bats and fangs.   Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.

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