Devolution and the future UK–EU relationship

This is an audio recording of an IfG Live Event. With UK-EU negotiations intensifying, the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish administrations have a strong interest in any future agreement – particularly in contentious areas like fisheries. Implementing parts of the deal or preparing for no deal in devolved areas will be their responsibility. And in Northern Ireland, any UK–EU agreement will have implications for how goods are checked at the Irish Sea border too. Our panel, chaired by Akash Paun, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government, looks at how the UK government has engaged devolved administrations in its talks with the EU, and how the interests of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can best be represented in any free trade agreement. Joining us are: Jenny Gilruth MSP, Minister for Europe and International Development, Scottish government Jeremy Miles MS, Counsel General and Minister for European Transition, Welsh government David Phinnemore, Professor of European Politics, Queen’s University Belfast Maddy Thimont-Jack, Senior Researcher, Institute for Government See for privacy and opt-out information.

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