Tonight on The Hope Show,  our guest Isaac Witty, shares great insights and stories from his journey of Ups and Downs as a talented comedian and writer. Both feilds being incredible tough to break out into any success and how he was able to do just that! Isaac speaks of what the feeling Really was when he acheived the so called "Success" of making it to peaks such as, The Late Show with David Letterman as well as Conan O'Brien! Isaac goes into detail about what his life Really looked like under the Mask of his Comedian Identity he wore for so many years, and the New journey he is currently on. As he has come to know himself more through his faith in Christ, and discovering the path God continues to lead him on daily to fullfill the purpose through the man Isaac is with the many gifts he's been given. Sit back and enjoy this heart felt conversation between Isaac and The Hope Show host, Jordan Parker, as they explore and relate to each others experiences in finding the silver lining within their stories, which ultimately point to the Almight Creator of all good gifts!

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