Dangerous Vision Presents Byron Walker: Gaming for the Blind Gamer

This edition of Dangerous Vision dives deep into the science of music.  Randy's guest is Byron Walker from Stanford's CCRMA Listening Room. What changes in a musician's brain after hours and years of daily practice? How do skills that make a great violinist transfer to other abilities? Can directed neuroplasticity be used to target skill learning?  Byron's knowledge of gaming as a science as directed his passion for creating videogames that are strictly audio.  Byron calls them audio games though, given there's technically no visual component! Team See Possibilities is accepting applications for the second round of TSP Scholars.  • Up to a $5,000 scholarship • Mentorship through personal interaction with world-class professionals who are vision-impaired • Peer-to-peer connection through a private group with like-minded vision-impaired Scholars  For more information and to apply, click here http://www.teamseepossibilities.com/become-a-scholar.html

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