Dangerous Vision Presents: New Vision in Architecture

At the age of 45, San Fransicso architect Chris Downey lost his sight.  It was dramatic and sudden yet it didn't alter Chris's chosen profession.  In fact, Chris thinks he is a better architect because he designs with inclusion in mind.  In this episode of Dangerous Vision, Randy and Chris talk about how an architect without sight designs, he experiences the building in a much different manner, ie feeling parts of the building and hearing other parts. From loss of sight came a new perspective and the discovery of Outsights – lessons learned that form an expanded vision for architectural work, research, service, and talks. Chris's top tech go-to piece continues to be his iPhone as well as Aira.  Chris has designed  The new Lighthouse for the Blind's new building The Salesforce Transit Center Sustainability Pavilion UAE For more information visit The Massachusetts Association for the Blind a Visually Impaired    

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