Purpose or Profit? Have Both with a B-corp! A Conversation with Rick Alexander

Dolph talks with Rick Alexander, author of Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose. Rick schools us on the various Bs: B certified, B Lab, and B Corporation. He also outlines the similarities and differences between B corps and nonprofits, and shares instances where nonprofits spin off for-profit entities with B corp legitimacy.     Links: Rick’s Book, Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose Rick’s Website: www.FrederickAlexander.net B-Lab’s website: www.benefitcorporation.net Measure your Nonprofit’s B-Corp Fit: https://frederickalexander.net/resources/   *****Timestamped Highlights***** (3:51) What inspired Rick to get on board for B corps (5:25) Cute and crunchy, but not something for serious corporate law (9:44) A lot of Bs flying around (12:30) Why become a B corp? (15:30) Impact investors come in a variety of sizes (20:45) Choosing between a nonprofit structure and B corp structure (25:52) Rick explains his book’s dedication to the 1129 human beings lost in the Rana tragedy.  (29:15) Win-win: Rick and his publisher get the titles they want.

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