Please start another nonprofit: A counter perspective with Sandra Pfau England

This podcast loves healthy, civil discourse. So we immediately said “yes” when Sandy Pfau England, founder of MyRonesi, offered to share her counter perspective to our episode “Please Don’t Start Another Nonprofit” with Dahna Goldstein (episode 50)   A successful attorney and founder of her own nonprofit, Parent Booster USA, Sandy walks us through: Nonprofit start up success stories Advice to maintain exemption and good standing with the IRS Guiding people with underdeveloped business plans Links: Sandy’s Firm: Parent Boost USA: Sandy’s website:  Blog post, Please Do Start Another Nonprofit: Episode 50 with Dahna Goldstein: *****Timestamped Highlights***** (3:42) Sandy discusses her counter-blog to Dahna Goldstein (6:42) The biggest mistakes made when starting nonprofits   (8:42) Join the party? Merging ideas with an existing nonprofit (10:45) A common scenario where merging does not work (15:50) Know the Signs: How to know if someone is ready to start a nonprofit  (22:05) Sandy’s three problems with automatic revocation by the IRS (26:37) Knowing the due dates and what’s due (27:00) Handling the IRS (29:00) Sandy shares what she wants to see less of

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