018 | By the Book!

Morgan gets to talk with recent champs Tyson McGuffin and Riley Newman, or NewGuffin as they are coming to be called. It feels good to win. There's also a new segment called, "What Makes Them Great." It's a little spot light on an aspect of the professional game that you can work on for improvement in your own game. Find out more about the podcast on http://pb.fm/ or follow @MoreorLessPickleball on Facebook. Find out more about Morgan: Morgan's Facebook CoachME Pickleball Find out more about today's guest: Tyson McGuffin TysonMcGuffin.com Tyson's Instagram Tyson's Facebook  Tyson a Meg Instagram Riley Newman Newman Nation on Facebook Riley's Instagram Riley on Selkirk Sport Riley and Lindsey sponsored by Takeya Sponsors: CoachME Pickleball Selkirk Sport and the new Vanguard Paddle

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