007 | A Very Tight Fortnite Schedule

Morgan chats with Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters about baking, Fortnite, and yes, Pickleball. Leigh makes a reference to Holiday Inn Commercials (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHCTaUFXpP8). Fernando Chavez and Sue Wong join for a game of Pickleball Trivia.   Find out more about the podcast on http://pb.fm/ or follow @MoreorLessPickleball on Facebook.   Find out more about Morgan: Morgan's Facebook CoachME Pickleball (https://coachmepickleball.vhx.tv/)   Find out more about Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters: Water’s Facebook Page   Pickleball Trivia Guests Fernando Chavez (http://fernandofitpro.com/) Sue Wong (FB @sue.wong.528)   Sponsors: CoachME Pickleball (https://coachmepickleball.vhx.tv) Selkirk Sport (https:/www.selkirk.com/)

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