DEC Presents: The Honorable Gretchen Whitmer

At last Friday's Detroit Economic Club meeting, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made her first public remarks about her administration’s proposed budget priorities which include roads, education, health care and climate change. The state continues to prioritize finding long-term solutions to fix the roads and will sell bonds to handle the most urgent repairs. “Rebuilding the roads is one part of what we are doing and is one of the things I ran on and I know people are counting on that,” said Whitmer. “We introduced a budget that improves education and skills training. It protects and expands healthcare for families. It cleans up our water and combats climate change. These are the dinner table issues that I hear from people all across the state.” Whitmer stressed that by working together to fund and enact better policies and programs, the state will offer better access to opportunity and quality care. “This will help us grow our economy and ensure that businesses like yours can have the employees with the skill set that you need in order to continue to thrive and make investments in this great state.” -- Speaker: The Honorable Gretchen Whitmer Governor State of Michigan   Presiding Officer: Daniel Loepp President a CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

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