A Conversation with Chairwoman McDaniel

Ronna McDaniel, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, addressed the Detroit Economic Club Monday and stressed the need for continued bipartisan effort as well as a culture of civility between political parties. Comparing the roles of politicians to that of a boss or a coworker, McDaniel said that even though you may not like a person or agree with his or her viewpoints, you cannot let that get in the way of getting the job done. “It is hard to attract people into politics when you have this incivility. But, more importantly, we need to continue to get things done,” said McDaniel. “And we have major issues facing this country, so, I do think if you are letting that incivility prevent you from accomplishing what the voters sent you to do, that’s a problem.” McDaniel also talked about how civility starts with every American and how each citizen needs to take a stand individually if they see someone being bulldozed for their political affiliations.  “Go vote. If you have a difference of opinion, have a conversation. We do not need to be physical. We do not need to be abusive. I think that is something that we need to course correct in this country. And it’s going to take our leaders, but it takes us too.” -- Speaker: Ronna McDaniel Chairman Republican National Committee   Moderator: Carol Cain Columnist Detroit Free Press   Presiding Officer: John Rakolta, Jr. Chairman a CEO Walbridge

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