2019 Detroit Tigers

On Wednesday, May 8, the Detroit Tigers talked baseball, shared stories from the dugout, and discussed how they are growing as a young team. Detroit Tigers Manager Ron Gardenhire outlined his approach on challenging players to not only strive for excellence during the game at hand -- but also to consider the long view. “The players are the ones that get the job done, but my job is to create an atmosphere where they enjoy coming to the ballpark. Sure, it’s tough when you lose a game. But there’s always another (one) the next night... so you forget it and keep playing.” Another challenge the Tigers are adapting to is how the game of baseball continues to evolve with technology and analytics. Staying nimble is part of the business, said Executive VP and General Manager Al Avila.  “If you think you know everything there is to know (about the game), you’re going to be falling behind, you’re going to be out of the game pretty soon. Our solution is to bring the old and new together and make it work,” Avila said. -- Presiding Officer: Terry Rhadigan Executive Director, Communications Operations and Corporate Giving, General Motors  

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