A Conversation with PGA TOUR Commissioner Jay Monahan

On May 2, PGA TOUR Commissioner Jay Monahan visited the Detroit Economic Club for a late afternoon meeting held at the Detroit Golf Club. In a fireside chat led by Rock Holdings, Inc. Vice Chairman Bill Emerson, Monahan talked about the PGA’s Live Under Par motto and how players are interacting on and off the course. “They [the players] are understanding and are appreciating why they are there and engaging with fans,” said Monahan. “It really is a partnership that makes a big difference. Our players do a great job with that.”  He also discussed the reasons for changing this year’s TOUR schedule. “That is a fairly wide-ranging question, but we realized that our whole season is stitched together as a season-long competition for the FedEx Cup and you end up against the start of NFL,” said Monahan. Speaker: Jay Monahan Commissioner, PGA TOUR Moderator: Bill Emerson Vice Chairman, Rock Holdings, Inc.

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