RivCoDCSS - Coffee Break Podcast - Season 3: Episode 2

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 2 of Riverside County Department of Child Support Services Coffee Break Podcast with our Host Nathan Hartel, Deputy Director of Programs and Operations. (.028) Why we talk, “all things child support”. (0.38) This episode is an “Espresso Shot”, quick, over fast but full of flavor and packs a punch!  (1:03) Information about resources on our website.  How to get to our general helpful resource page.  This page offers information on a variety of other county departments and agencies that can assist you.  (1:31) We have a new Job and Career Resources page which provides information on job opportunities, continuing education, GED prep program, apprenticeship, trade programs, truck driving, HVAC, other job and career resources, English as a second language, info on expungement of criminal record issues, citizenship, selective service, and military.  (3.26) Riverside County Department of Child Support Services is here to support the community!  (4:49) Again, go to RivCoDCSS.com to review the resource page on our website.  (5:16) Check out our upcoming events!  (5:21) How to subscribe to our podcast and find our past podcasts. (5:46) Tune in to find out about more services offered, who we are, what we can do for you, and info on opening a new case.  (6:08) Information on the opening of the 2nd Saturday of the Month with virtual appointments.  (6:41) Here are the ways to contact us by phone or by the website.  (7:03) Information on our upcoming Virtual Workshop, April 8, 2021 – with our community partner “First 5”!

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