Riverside County Child Support Service's Coffee Break: Episode 3

Riverside County Department of Child Support Services (RivCoDCSS) provides an overview of the legal aspect of child support in their “Legal Corner”. An explanation of how the Department of Child Support Services was created is provided as well as the legal authority it has (1:05). The department is an independent agency separate from the Court and the District Attorney (2:10). It operates as a local agency under a larger state agency that oversees the department’s activity. When attending court, it is important to be aware of the role each person plays in the court hearing (2:50). Parents can make decisions on child support cases if no public assistance is involved (4:30). The child support Attorney does not represent the parents in court, they are there to represent the department. Family Law Facilitators are available for free legal advice, customers can contact them for an appointment (8:10). Customers will learn what to expect on a court day along with steps on how to prepare for their court hearing (10:30). Information on dress code and childcare are provided, parents need to be prepared ahead of time (12:30). Parents may reach an agreement before their court date, in this case, parents will come in and sign an agreement. This is referred to as a stipulation which is a signed agreement that will facilitate the process and help avoid a court hearing (14:00). Parents living out of state can contact the department (RivCoDCSS) will do everything in their power to make different arrangements.

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