123. Wet Ass Pitches, with Ricky Ponting

It rained for 4 days in Hampshire during the 2nd Test between England and Pakistan but how do we get more cricket when the floods of 2020 commence the next apocalypse? Stuart Broad is fined by daddy, MyCricket let’s you hide your failures, Dhoni retires and everyone in the history of the game kisses the ring, Steve Smith wears his Aussie lid to state training and we celebrate India’s finest ever player, Suresh Raina. Ricky Ponting (AO) is on the show to tell us about getting unplayable balls at Mowbray cricket Club, Flintoff 05, Ashwin mankads and pranking Steve Waugh on a qantas flight. You can get 15% off Ricky's wines at pontingwines.com.au by using the code gradecricketer15 at checkout. This episode is brought to you by Budgy Smuggler where you can get your customised face masks at.. BudgySmuggleruk.com And Manscaped who are offering 20% of your purchase using the code TGC at checkout. Shout out to our Patreon subscribers who get exclusive content for $5 or $10 a month at patreon.com/gradecricketer You can also find this episode right now on YouTube as well as full interviews and cut downs of the show, if you want to like, comment and subscribe then please do because that helps us out a lot.

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