108. Gas Truck Pt II, with Jackson Bird a Andrew McDonald

This week we discuss the art of the Mankad: what’s the best way to celebrate ruining someone’s weekend? The BBL finals are finally here, but are we excited about the big dance, or suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome? Meanwhile, New Zealand’s U19’s team are cheerfully carrying opponents off the field while ours are sledging Indian blokes on Instagram; seems like the future is in good hands. But what’s the “right kind” of youth indiscretion? Jackson Bird joins us to talk about red ball/white ball social dynamics, BBL contract chat, and bowling on Australia’s worst fucking pitch (MCG), before Budgy Smuggler CEO Adam Linforth comes into the studio to give a live performance review of TGC’s ad reads, and reminisces about captaining former school mate Jackson Bird’s cricket team to victory. We also squeeze in a chat with future Australian coach Andrew McDonald while struggling to compose ourselves over his dulcet baritone register. And #AskTGC tackles a range of psychological issues, including more dream analysis (submitted by the wife of a TGC host), the hidden meaning behind wearing an official test playing shirt in public, and whether we did really win the Ashes after all? As always, cheers to Budgy Smuggler for their ongoing support of the cast. *** We do events, too. If you have sporting entertainment needs and prefer material sourced after 1975, please talk to us. We’ve performed across Australia and the UK, and love telling stories from clubland, or interviewing those who tell them even better. Contact albert.machala@century.com.au for more details. *** We have merch, namely Stubby Holders, and Smugglers. Head to https://gradecricketer.club/shop for the specifics *** Big thanks to Jarryd Biviano @thefifthcreative and Julia Dowe for our podcast art, Toby Shain for the voiceovers + fake ad production, and Adrian Leung for our intro tune. *** Email the show at gradecricketer@gmail.com *** We’re able to do all of this thanks to the fit, intelligent, enterprising people at Budgy Smuggler. It either is, or is nearly, summer somewhere in the world. For the entirety of your colourful swimwear needs, head to budgysmuggler.com.au

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