Investing in Yourself as a Tennis Coach with Coach Harry Jadun and Jessica Battaglia

What can coaches do to develop themselves, especially young coaches? Coach Jadun of Michigan State University Men's Tennis talks about his experience in the USTA Player Development Coaching Fellowship. In addition, Jessica Battaglia, Senior Manager, PD Events and Programming at the USTA, joins us to talk about the fellowship program. The concept of the mentor-mentee relationship is discussed as a main vehicle for coach development. The topics of discussion include what to look for in a mentor, how the mentee wants to approach a mentoring and/or fellowship situation, and how to get the most out of such an opportunity. To apply for our 2020 Professional Coaching Fellowship Program go to: Episode Transcript:  Twitter: Dr. Larry Lauer - @LarryLauer Coach Parkes - @johnnyparkes1 Instagram: Team USA Tennis - @teamusatennis Coach Parkes - @johnny_parkes

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