Wilson LABS' Chloe Lee on Creating a Sustainable Line of Tennis Balls (Triniti)

A couple years ago, Wilson introduced a ball that pushes the limits of sustainable performance: the Triniti tennis ball. Since, they have continued to work to make an even higher performing version and offer options for players looking for a ball that not only will help with sustainability efforts, but also be a durable, long-lasting ball for players of all levels. In this episode, Chloe Lee joins us from Wilson LABS to discuss all about her role and how she has been involved in the creation of the Triniti line of tennis balls, including the newest ball to come from Wilson, the Triniti Pro ball. She also answers all of our questions about the Wilson tennis ball line and explains how she ended up in such a unique, niche roll in the tennis industry!  Shop Wilson Triniti: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Sustainable_Balls/catpage-SUSTAINBALL.html  Shop All Wilson Tennis Balls: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Wilson_Tennis_Balls/catpage-WILSONBALLS.html  Questions or want to continue the conversation?! Email us at podcast@tennis-warehouse.com   Shop with us for all your TENNIS needs all over the WORLD: ???????? Tennis Warehouse -- http://www.tenniswarehouse.com  ???????? TW Europe -- http://tenniswarehouse-europe.com  ???????? Tennis Only AUS -- http://tennisonly.com.au  Happy Hitting!   

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