Everything You Need to Know About the New Racquets from PRINCE! (Beyond the Playtest: Prince Ripstick 100 a Synergy 98)

New racquets from Prince are here! And our playtesters take a deep dive to tell you all about the new Prince Ripstick and Synergy 98! From a super powerful racquet to a unique new string pattern, our team talks about the good and challenging aspects of both of these new, modern frames!  Prince Ripstick 100: With this racquet Prince has created a powerful modern player's racquet with above average comfort for the breed. At 11.2 ounces strung, the Ripstick is not only fast enough for intermediate players, it also packs a near 330 swingweight, giving it enough stability and plow through to tempt the more advanced ball striker. This racquet's comfortable feel comes partly from the extra large O-Ports that surround the hitting area. Prince has delivered an impressive weapon to intermediate players in search of power. The arm-friendly comfort is a nice bonus. Prince Synergy 98: An impressive weapon with controllable power and outstanding feel. At 11.4 ounces strung this stick is mobile enough for intermediates, but it also packs a beefy 330+ RDC swingweight, which means it has enough stability and plow through for the advanced ball striker. In addition to its control-oriented 98 square inch head, this racquet has an 18x18 string pattern, giving it impressive precision when driving the ball through the court. Other features include a uniquely textured aerodynamic surface (for easier acceleration) along with a CTS beam, which is thinner in the shaft (for better feel) and thicker in the head (for extra power and stability). Experienced players looking for a stable player's racquet with outstanding feel and controllable power should love this one.   Questions?! Comments?! Leave a review or email us at podcast@tennis-warehouse.com  ???????? Tennis Warehouse: http://www.tenniswarehouse.com ???????? TW Europe: http://tenniswarehouse-europe.com ???????? Tennis Only AUS: http://tennisonly.com.au    Happy Hitting!

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