Pro Tennis Gear Changes, Bold Australian Open Predictions, Our Favorite Tennis Players to Keep Up With during AO Quarantine a More!

The Australian Open is here! And we are so excited to talk all things pro tennis! So much so that we are a bit out of practice and feel a bit scattered as we get to talk about the 1st Grand Slam of 2021! Our playtesters from California and Australia talk all things tennis in Australia -- like who their favorite pros were to keep up with during quarantine as well as who switched into new gear! They also make bold (or not so bold) predictions on who will be victorious at the end of the next two weeks in Melbourne!  Who do you think will win the AO 2021?!  Shop Picky Bars with Danielle Lao's Promo: Use Promo Code: DANIELLESENTME for 20% off and 10% donated to NEDA ???????? Tennis Warehouse: ???????? TW Europe: ???????? Tennis Only AUS:    Happy Hitting!

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