The Evolution of HEAD Radical Tennis Racquets (behind the scenes of development a playtesting with Martin a Ralf)

Martin Schaeffl,Product Test Manager for HEAD Racquet Sports and Ralf Schwenger, Director of RaD for HEAD Racquet Sports join Tennis Warehouse to talk all about the 2021 HEAD Radical and the evolution of this popular line of tennis racquets! From playtesting feedback to walking us through every Radical ever made, we get an insider look at what it takes to create a successful racquet for players of all levels!  Inide the episode:  0:0:53 Introduction to HEAD Team: Who are Ralf and Martin Intro a how they work together between Product Management and RaD Product Creation 0:7:00 What makes this RADICAL update new and different from previous versions 0:13:14 What sets the Radical apart and WHO should be playing with Head Radical Racquets 0:16:40 Radical Playtest Feedback 0:17:48 Radical Oversize trends from the past and how this oversized trend has changed 0:21:10 HEAD Radical Origin Story 0:23:24 All of the HEAD Radical Racquets Explained, racquet by racquet 0:33:30 String pattern discussion around the Radical Pro 0:37:30 Feedback and Testing re: 2021 Radicals 0:39:20 Playtesting feedback from Pro Players 0:41:33 Sneak Peek into HEAD 2021 and the creation of new products 0:45:20 Playtester Perspective on new Radical update 0:48:32 Shout Out to all the players looking for the “Old feel” of older Radical Racquets 0:50:30 If the Radical were a car, what car would it be... 0:53:41 The rise of the drop shot and more tennis geek chatter 1:00:50 Classic HEAD racquet call out and props on the re-release of the Head Pro Tour 2.0 “celebrate HEAD's history and legacy” Check out the NEW Radical Racquets:  Head Brandography: Head 2021 Graphene 360+ Radical Pro Review:  Head 2021 Graphene 360+ Radical MP Review:  ???????? Tennis Warehouse: ???????? TW Europe: ???????? Tennis Only AUS:    Happy Hitting!  

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