Kristie Ahn Wants to See Your Noods (Noodles, that is!) a Talks About Life on the WTA

She's one of the fiercest competitors on the WTA Tour but also one of the friendliest and she just wants to walk on the court carrying a puppy! Kristie Ahn reached a career high on the WTA Tour in 2019 and still is one of the most humble, kindest, smartest players on tour. Super down to earth in everything she does, she chats not only about the highlights she had on the court but also what she loves to do off the court. From taking pride in being a Korean American player and building up her fellow competitors, to playing music with her friends and obsessing over Korean noodle dishes, you will hear how this lady would be a great a role model for any up and comer! Listen in as Kristie shows her true personality.   Follow Kristie:   Questions or want to continue the conversation?! Email us at    Happy Hitting!

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