Robert Weintraub - Author of newly released a captivating Alice Marble biography - The Divine Miss Marble: A Life of Tennis, Fame, and Mystery.

Episode 15 - Robert Weintraub and I talk about his new book - The Divine Miss Marble: A Life of Tennis, Fame, and Mystery.Alice Marble was a championship tennis player, winner of 18 Grand Slam titles including 5 singles titles. Marble got her tennis start on the public courts of San Francisco at Golden Gate Park while also excelling in other sports such as baseball where she was a "mascot" for the San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League and then a standout on the boys high school baseball team.Marble's intriguing life goes far beyond the tennis courts as Weintraub and I discuss and as Weintraub details in his book:- Marble becoming friends with many of Hollywood's biggest stars and other famed personalities of the era as they were fans of tennis a of Alice Marble specifically.- Alice rebounding from a year-long battle with tuberculous in the early 1930s to later become a 4-time US Nationals and Wimbledon singles champ.- The life a role of Eleanor Tennant, domineering coach of Alice Marble, as well as other prominent Californian tennis players who reached the top of the tennis world.- Alice's patriotic role in World War II...Was she a spy of some sort? Did she embark on secret missions on behalf of the U.S?- Which stories and accounts in Alice's life and own autobiographies are true, false or embellished? In some cases it is hard to determine making Weintraub an amateur detective as he research this book.Robert Weintraub's Amazon page: Weintraub on Twitter:@robwein Serve and Return Podcast Twitter:@serve_returnpodHave a suggestion for a Serve and Return Podcast guest? email Chris at cmtrieste@gmail.comChris' book - 14 Great Coaches: Learn Their Lessons, Improve Your Coaching, Have A Lasting Impact and Return Website:

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