Bill Patton - Elite Tennis Coach a Author of Visual Training for Tennis, The Athlete-Centered Coach, The Art of Coaching H.S Tennis and much more.

Episode 12 - Loved talking to Bill Patton - Head Tennis Professional, High School Coach and Author of numerous books including: Visual Training for Tennis, The Athlete-Centered Coach, and The Art of Coaching High School TennisBill and I talk about many great topics involving not only tennis but also coaching all sports with an "athlete-centered approach."Discussion includes:- Visual training for tennis by: reducing anxiety for new students, putting students at ease; finding success early; teaching with logical progressions- Advanced player coaching: creating space on the court, adding variety to player's game, "bounce / hit"- Athlete-Centered coaching: coaching - right time and space, athlete-centered NOT coach-centered, noticing a caring for the person NOT solely the athlete- High School coaching - the challenges and rewardsBill Patton on Twitter:@Coach_AuthorBill Patton on Amazon: Have a suggestion for a Serve and Return Podcast guest? email Chris at cmtrieste@gmail.comChris' book - 14 Great Coaches: Learn Their Lessons, Improve Your Coaching, Have A Lasting Impact and Return Website:

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