Episode 105: Rome Uncorked!

As the B-52's once said, "Rome if you want to." Or maybe it was "roam". Whatever.  On Episode 105, Ben makes Courtney jealous by talking about his mozzarella adventures in Italy, while Courtney makes Ben jealous by talking about how she spent her week in a non-third world country. We break down the results from Rome, which include Novak Djokovic's near assassination at the hands of a rogue Moet cork, and Maria Sharapova's triumphant week, which saw the return of the Black Swa-- er, we mean "Claypova". We also check in on Courtney's "Rafael Nadal Panic Button (TM pending)" and weigh in on two WTA hot topics: grunting and on-court coaching.  There is dragging, there is slaying, and there is talk about venture capital funds and history of Netscape Navigator. We do it all, folks. And make sure you sit through Ben's terrible pick as an outro song -- spoiler alert: Eurovision -- to hear what Ben and Courtney talk about before the mics go hot.  As always, thanks for liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing/reviewing on iTunes or whatever your podcasting platform of choice may be!  Related viewing/reading for this week: Courtney's incredibly geeky rave for The New Yorker's fantastic profile of Marc Andreessen.  No, Ben and Courtney aren't accidentally mispronouncing "Moet a Chandon". They're playing off one of their favorite SNL sketches, which you can see here. 

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