Episode 82: Copy? Over.

It's been one of the more intense weeks in recent memory in the world of tennis media, but Ben and Courtney are here to try their best, as always, to shed some light on it all. The majority of this episode is devoted to this week's revelations about the extensive plagiarism by Neil Harman in his work for the Wimbledon yearbook, about which you should read Ben's report for Slate if you haven't yet. In a wide-ranging, lengthy segment, Ben and Courtney discuss how the story came together and the issues it raises. Then, because you probably want to hear us talk about players, too, we discuss Sloane Stephens and Bernard Tomic, two 21-year-olds who have had interesting times since our last show. As always, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to and review our show on iTunes or whatever your podcast app/platform of choice may be! We hit Ctrl+C on our hearts and Ctrl+V them into your ears because we think you guys are super-duper. Thanks for listening, as always.

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