Episode 47: A Drought Dies, A Butterfly Is Born

In this wondrous Wimbledon wrap episode, Ben and Courtney have lots of thoughts on the two new champions. First, Andy Murray: what does his win mean for Britain, and how does that reflect on Britain? And what did his match against Djokovic say about the state of the men's game? And how will he move forward as a favorite, no longer a lovable loser-type? Then, Marion Bartoli: how did that happen? And how will her win change her career, and even the tour as a whole? Because we are givers, and people who have spoken to Marion Bartoli on several occasions, we give you two interviews we have done with Marion, the first by Courtney this year in Eastbourne, the second by Ben last year in Perth. Please do practice your swings as you listen, dear listeners. And as always, thanks for liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and leaving us reviews on iTunes!

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