Love Your Creativity Enough to VALUE IT -- My Sabbatical Year

I'm doing something brave - scary - generous - loving - needed - luxurious - important - countercultural... 

I'm RESTING. Not yet -- right now I'm diving headfirst into Making Art Work and I'm SO excited to nurture and empower the Creative Community in this way. My sabbatical will begin in 2023 and will be focused on creativity, inspiration, rest, writing, and nurturing the parts of my that have been patiently waiting for attention.


I'm so excited. 


If you're feeling thirsty for inspiration and creativity, maybe this is your nudge to think about prioritizing those things just a bit. 

You don't have to have a sabbatical year -- you could start by carving out 2 hours a week to nourish that part of you. Create a terrarium around your inspiration and walk in it as often as you can. 

This big dream is living in you for a reason. Creativity is blooming inside of you because it has found a home there. That's an honor. Elizabeth Gilbert has a theory about inspiration being a living thing that is looking for a receptive home to give it form – YOU are that form.  You are that home.  You have that ability.  And Creativity will never take from you more than it gives. It may give you joy, connection, purpose, money, impact, or a vehicle for change – I think it will give you ALL of the above. Trust it. Honor it. Empower it. 


My inbox and DM's have been spilling over with big-hearted creatives eager and nervous about taking the next step in their creative journey – trusting me to walk alongside them. What an honor! Making Art Work is open for enrollment through TOMORROW!   If you're feeling those same nerves, eagerness, readiness, but also a bit of uncertainty, please take some of my confidence. This work is GOOD. YOU can do it. I will help you accomplish big, beautiful things.    xo Emily   @Emily_Jeffords 

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