COVID Beyond The Big Three

It's not all about the big money and the big names. The COVID-19 cricket shutdown has repercussions at all levels of the game, including where the budgets are tight even at the best of times - and in case you'd not been paying attention, these really are not the best of times. To tell us about the challenges faced by smaller boards, what's being done to deal with them, and what the ICC are doing to help (spoiler alert: actually something!), host Nakul Pande got a crack crew together: Warren Deutrom, CEO of Cricket Ireland Tim Cutler, co-founder of and former CEO of Cricket Hong Kong Guerilla regular Machel St Patrick Hewitt, co-host of the Caribbean Cricket Podcast We also hear a submission from Raf Nicholson, co-founder and editor of leading women's cricket website CricketHer, outlining the specific issues facing the women's game in the time of COVID. Thanks as ever to Jon Stone for his production and editing work. For early access to all of our podcasts, become a Patron at! 

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