Dani Marshall: The First

Mason Cox and Jason Holmes are unbelievable recent stories in AFL history, elite athletes from one part of the world being hand-picked without any knowledge of the game and transformed into senior AFL players over a period of time within a full-time professional set-up. But Danielle Marshall is a story perhaps even more unlikely, an American athlete who stumbled across the sport on TV, became a fan and then longed for a chance to play it.   Then when she finally found a way to play the Australian game in the USA year later, her progression was so quick that within 19 months she had become the first player to be directly recruited from the USAFL to AFLW, perhaps the the first time a player in an Australian football league based overseas has progressed to the highest level in Australia. Now a Western Bulldogs player who has just had a taste of her first AFLW season with a fairytale beginning, Dani Marshall joins us on TGSTW US Revolution to talk about her footy journey.  US Revolution features Mason Cox, Shannon Gill and American broadcaster Ed Wyatt in an exploration of Australian Rules Football's US connections. The 8-part series features additional interviews with Paul Roos, Mason Cox, Jason Holmes, ESPN's Bob Ley and former VFL / AFL star John Ironmonger.   The Greatest Season That Was is produced by Jay Mueller and is part of the Bad Producer Podcast Network.  Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/TGSTW See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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