"Red Before Bed"

This episode's panel features Matt Heath, Jeremy Wells a G Lane.The Agenda Topics touched on this episode are: #1 Replacing Steve (01:25) #2 Best ground in NZ to watch Test cricket (08:30) #3 Red Before Bed (16:58) #4 Ham or Turkey for Xmas Day Dinner (21:00) #5 Should watching Kane Williamson batting be considered watching porn? (23:25) Social Media Fire - With lights now available in test cricket thoughts on reducing 5 days of test cricket into a 24-hour endurance match? (31:00) The best poles to smoke on Xmas Day (33:00) What if each cricket team had 11 specialist batsmen and 11 specialist bowlers/fielders like in the NFL with offense/defense would the games be better or worse? (33:55) The state of the male toilets at the Southern End of the Basin (39:40) Who made better noises - Bain on the 111 call or Lundy at the funeral? (42:10) Scenario - Would you rather watch a porno with your parents or of your parents (44:45).Brought to you by Mammoth flavoured milk - Don't just make it big #MakeItMammoth 

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