Federer Pulls Ripcord On 2020, Djokovic Might Skip US Open, a Latest Nick Kyrgios Comments

With all the confusion that 2020 has brought the tennis world it seems like Roger Federer shutting it down for the rest of the year is the smartest thing he can do.  He let it be known on his social media this week that he in fact had another surgery on his knee.  The same knee as he was already missing time this year for.   The US Open is still scheduled to take place at the end of August in NYC, but who will be there playing is still up in the air.  With the format of the tournament being so drastically different from years past because of Covid-19 implications, Novak Djokovic stunned many this week when he said he might be skipping the event completely.  Nick Kyrgios was very candid this week appearing on a friends podcast to talk about his views on the many topics in tennis.  

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