Deep Dive: Celebrating the 30-Year Anniversary of Andres Gomez's Shining Moment in Paris

Today on deep dives we take a closer look at the amazing title run of Andres Gomez at Roland Garros in 1990. Chris Oddo culls together interviews with Ecuadorian legend Gomez himself, as well as his son Juan Andres, his nephew Nicolas Lapentti, his compatriot and teammate Raul Viver, his ATP peer Brad Gilbert and tennis Hall of Fame historian and journalist Steve Flink. We take a closer look at what made Gomez such a lethal force on clay. We wonder just how difficult it was for a player of 30 to reach the pinnacle of the sport 30 years ago. We hear about Gomez's roots, from a young kid in Guayaquil, Ecuador who couldn't get enough tennis and who had a poster of Bjorn Borg on his wall, to a teenager practicing under the supervision of the legendary Harry Hopman, to a top pro and, eventually, a Grand Slam champion. Of course we look at Gomez's momentous victory over the rising American Andre Agassi in the final, and look at how all the pundits were tabbing the American for the win. Finally we look at Gomez the family man. How his wife helped him reach his full potential, and how they shared the moment with their first of five children in Paris, experiencing an unforgettable moment inside of Court Philippe Chatrier for all the world to see, and for Ecuador to fully embrace. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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