Nole Takes Flight: Steve Flink on the Serb's Present and Future

Tennis Hall of Famer Steve Flink joins the Lucky Letcord Podcast to break down the incredible performance of World No.1 Novak Djokovic at the 2019 Australian Open. Flink believes that Djokovic has what it takes to make a push for the all-time Grand Slam titles record, and he thinks that push will continue this spring on the clay. We discuss the final with Nadal and wonder what type of a monster year Djokovic will have in 2019. We discuss the amazing achievement of Naomi Osaka and wonder what makes her game so special. We look at the rise of Stefanos Tsitsipas and the fall of Sascha Zverev. What enabled Tsitsipas to make his breakthrough and what is holding Zverev back? We also talk about the shocking finish to Serena Williams' 2019 Australian Open. How will the 23-time major champion recover from her heartbreaking loss to Karolina Pliskova? Episode Specifics: 0:00 - 2:50 INTRO 2:50 Interview with Steve Flink Begins 3:40 Flink on the Final between Rafa and Nole 5:20 Was it surprising how defensive Nadal played? 6:15 How did Djokovic flip the script on Nadal's serve? 7:45 Is Djokovic ready to defeat Nadal on the terre battue? 9:30 How many Slams might Djokovic win in 2019? 11:15 Is Djokovic approaching Masters and smaller events differently now that he's focusing more on winning major titles? 16:20 What does Naomi Osaka have that the other young talents of the game don't have right now? 18:15 Is Serena Williams running out of time and what does she need to do to get back on top of the sport? 19:37 A discussion of two players that seem to be, at least in the short term, headed in different direction: Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev. Thanks for listening! Please rate and review on iTUnes: Join us on Spotify: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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