Vinoo Mankad and the finisher Michael Bevan

3.05 Celebrity caller {AFL great Matthew Lloyd)talks through Brad Hodge's duck for East Sandy on saturday, 6.53 The "Bull" Dave Warner is back, 8.25 Our thoughts on selection policies after Usman Khawaja comments, 12.35 The Number 6 Bear market since 2013, 17.30 Womens Ashes and Megan Schutt goes all Glenn McGrath21.57 Pete Handsomb and getting sledged by your idols27.25 Welcome back AB Devilliers, 30.20 Pakistan Fast bowling scholarship38.00 this week in the JLT cup, 48.25 Social Media Self Promoter award. Congrats first timers Merv nd Haydos54.20 Our guide cricket and early season failures, 59.20 POLL Question - To ranked or not to Mankad, 103.20 Caller Michael from Manley alias M Bevan- job interview   See for privacy and opt-out information.

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