The Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode #127 Ben Winship

Episode Notes

Support the Mandolins and Beer Podcast at my Patreon page! My guest on the podcast this week is Ben Winship. Ben has been part of many cool projects as well as helping found the Great Targhee music camp. He’s owned a studio for 25 years, co-authored two instructional books with Mel Bay and has a new release called Mandolin Tales! Go over to Ben’s website and buy some books and music!

As always, a big thank you to my sponsors for this episode and welcome Elderly Instruments! Mandolin Cafe Peghead Nation Northfield Mandolins Pava Mandolins  Ellis Mandolins Siminoff Books Straight Up Strings Elderly Instruments       Song clips featured in this episode:   “Tangled Roots, Magic Foot” Loose Ties – (Tangled Roots) “Katy Bar the Door” Brother Mule – (Jawbone) “Shakin Down the Acorns” – Ben Winship (Acorns) “One Shoe Left” – Ben Winship (One Shoe Left) “Waterbound” – Growling Old Men (Chicken Feed and Bailing Twine) “What’s a matte with the Well” – Ben Winship (Toolshed) “What’s Happening” Mike Dowling – (Pink Guitar)

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