E238 Chicken Soup For The Soul with Amy Newmark, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

Amy Newmark's 50th birthday included a newly empty nest and the purchase of Chicken Soup For The Soul. She didn't just buy a book, she bought the company. Now 63, Amy speaks with Mary Rogers about her own midlife transitions while discussing the latest CSFTS book, Age Is Just A Number, 101 Tales of Humor and Wisdom for Life After 60. Full Show Notes and Links: https://www.experience50.com/238 Lend your voice to the podcast! Send your questions for Mary's next Cleopatra's Vagina: Answers to Listeners' Questions. Send voicemail: https://www.experience50.com Book Club with Joan Lunden 2/17 a 19, 2021: https://www.experience50.com/book-club-lunden/ Get Mary's weekly email: https://www.experience50.com/email Midlife Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MidlifeCommunity Enjoying the podcast? Could you please support the show with a donation? https://www.experience50.com/donate Be a guest on the podcast, tell your midlife story: https://www.experience50.com/podcast-guest-information/

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