Scott Brinker: VP - Hubspot | CoFounder - Ion-Interactive | Editor - Chief Marketing Technologist

Scott Brinker Scott is a computer programmer and entrepreneur who has been a wealth of experience in tech, marketing and the combination of the two 'Martec'. Topics On the show we discuss: The future of marketing Founding and scaling Ion Interactive Selling a business Hubspot's mission Writing How to start a conference Agile Marketing The biggest mistakes people make in marketing Scott's Background He has an eclectic mix of achievements to on his CV and there simply isn't room to mention everything. Some of the big things you might know him for: VP of Platform Ecosystem - Hubspot Owner - Chief Marketing Technologist (blog) Founder and Chair - Martec Conference Cofounder - Ion-Interactive I can highly recommend Scott's blog if you're ever looking for Martec advice and ideas.

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